Innovative Decisions, Inc., (IDI) is an analytics and management consulting firm serving business and government clients through innovative applications of decision and risk analysis, operations research, and systems engineering.  IDI supports the needs of analysts, managers, and senior leaders through tailored analytic services, integrating organizational values, data, resources, and risks to yield risk-informed decisions and best-value solutions for all of our clients.

IDI provides expert quantitative decision/risk analysis to support agencies' management, organizational and business improvement efforts. We also provide studies, analyses and reports documenting proposed development, consultative or implementation efforts.

IDI designs, tests, and refines decision tools and aids for a variety of client needs and requirements. We also conduct research on decision tools and aids, and are innovators in many disciplines of decision analysis and analytics.

IDI offers planning, assessment, and decision process design services to assist organizations with structuring their decisions processes. Additional services include group collaboration for wicked problems, application of decision support tools, and analytics research.

IDI offers a series of professional training courses in selected areas, as well as customized training packages to meet specific client needs. We provide high-level support for engineering systems, group facilitation, and coaching services.

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What Makes IDI Special?

IDI’s Facilitate-Calculate-Illuminate approach reflects IDI’s expertise in collaborative decision making processes that engage stakeholders, apply quantitative analytic methods, yield insightful results, and motivate client innovation efforts as a result of IDI’s consulting relationship. For more information on how analytics can help your business, you're welcome to view our products and publications and follow our blog.