IDI Blog Launches

 Fred Woodaman, Editor

Welcome to IDI’s new blog.  As the editor, my main job is to put forward an interesting slate of articles, about one weekly, that serve two functions:  boosting your analytics, and letting you get to know a little more about our company and its unique staff.

When talking about IDI to other people, I am often asked “What is your method?”, because having a method is an aspect of branding for many consulting companies.  Consulting our website, you will see process charts that communicate to our client a general sense of how we go about delivering value; but they really represent our philosophy vice our mechanics.  We are not wedded to any rote or step-by-step process.  We hire the best analytical minds we can find and give them the most flexibility in order to make their clients into heroes.  Our staff is almost 100% billable and we do almost all of our marketing by word of mouth:  our work speaks for us. 

So this blog is an opportunity for our staff to find a new voice – beyond, on the one hand, the innovative deliverables by which they convey value to our clients, or, on the other, the many books and articles they have authored.  A new voice (or rather  a chorus of voices) that concentrates all of this analytical goodness in one place, while providing references for you to dig deeper and learn more.  Hopefully, you will see that our people are not just good at what they do, but are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skill.  But we want to hear your voice as well, so that through the two-way discussion we all learn something new and useful.

We envision our blog providing you articles emphasizing a variety of quantitative and analytic themes, to include decision analysis, risk analysis, systems engineering, modeling and simulation, optimization, probabilistic reasoning, and statistical sciences.  They might be how-to’s, case studies, anecdotes, or thought pieces.  One of the challenges in selecting articles is the broad range of quantitative knowledge and education found within our likely audience.  Rather than writing to one standard we have made a conscious choice to write articles that vary across this spectrum – some introductory, some more technical and narrowly focused.  Again:  we don’t want it to be a one-way conversation!  Please let us know how we are doing.  Professional and polite feedback, debate, and discussion are not just welcome but eagerly sought.

We are kicking off the blog with a slate for September that covers a broad set of topics and with more articles than we would normally offer in a month.   You will see articles from our senior staff covering their perspectives on analysis as well as some introductions to technical topics.  Our lead off article is a very personal piece by our Past President, Terry Bresnick.  We hope you read, enjoy, and interact.