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Innovative Decisions, Inc., (IDI) is seeking experienced decision analysts, operations research analysts and analytics professionals for openings in Northern Virginia to help make heroes out of our government clients.  Today’s operational environment and budget constraints require skilled analysts collaborating with clients to evaluate programs, establish value metrics, identify trends and underlying causes, and conduct trade studies that result in recommendations based on sound analytical methods. 

If you have a desire to help clients solve complex issues, and want to be a part of an organization that is committed to its employees, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in any of the positions listed below.

If you are a current student and interested in an internship at IDI, please visit our intern page for more information.


Innovative Decisions, Inc., (IDI) is seeking experienced part-time or full-time operations research analysts and other analytics professionals for openings in Vienna, Virginia to help a federal government client make better decisions.  Types of studies and analysis include capability requirements assessments, utility studies, and alternative analyses. 

 IDI is a rapidly growing management consulting firm specializing in decision analysis, operations research, and systems engineering.  The ideal applicant will be self-motivating, possess excellent computer and communications skills, have a master’s degree in operations research or management science, and have work experience in one or more of the following areas: decision and risk analysis, multiple objective decision analysis, portfolio analysis, modeling and simulation, wargaming, optimization, and statistical analysis.  

The applicant should also be proficient with several of the following analysis tools: Excel, Access, VBA, SAS, Matlab, Logical Decisions for Windows, Netica, @Risk, and Crystal Ball.  Domain knowledge in national or military intelligence systems is advantageous.  The applicant must be US citizen.

Security Assistant

The individual will be responsible for a range of government-mandated security functions pertaining to physical security, personnel security and information security. Physical security responsibilities include end-of-day security checks, document control, and random security inspections. The security assistant will be on the list to be called when an alarm occurs. When security incidents occur, the security assistant will also investigate the incident by reviewing badge-entry logs and security camera files.

Personnel security responsibilities include record-keeping of personal security information, sending and receiving visit requests, ensuring that all employees complete required training and that employees receive contract-specific training where required.  Responsibilities also include investigating security violations and documenting the findings of these investigations.

Information security responsibilities include weekly computer audits and virus-scans, and monthly antivirus signature updates. In addition to the specific responsibilities noted above, detailed record-keeping of most activities is required.  The applicant must be a US citizen.