Christopher L. Ciminera


Mr. Ciminera uses his broad knowledge in the fields of operations research, applied mathematics, and data mining to solve diverse problems in the areas of defense and national security. In particular, Mr. Ciminera has developed solutions to social network analysis and visualization problems on large data sets. He has developed Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel applications that allow customers to manipulate, analyze, and visualize their data sets. In one project, Mr. Ciminera made use of natural language processing methods to extract data from raw and unstructured text with the aim of developing predictive models on the extracted data which entailed developing scripts in Python, the open-source statistical programming environment R, and MATLAB. Mr. Ciminera also has experience in decision analysis, helping customers to formalize their decision making through a value-focused thinking approach to multiple-objective decision analysis.


M.S., Applied and Computational Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University, 2012
.S., Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University, 2008

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