Consulting Services

IDI provides expert advice, assistance, and guidance in support of agencies' management, organizational and business improvement efforts. IDI also provides studies, analyses and reports documenting any proposed development, consultative or implementation efforts using techniques from throughout the "analytics pyramid":

Analytics Pyramid.jpg

Bayesian Analysis

We help clients build models that use Bayesian Nets, empirical data, and subject matter expertise about the likelihood of evidence occurring under different situations, and then show the probability of each situation given the information. IDI specializes in building probabilistic inference models using software such as Netica from Norsys, Inc., Hugin from Hugin Expert A/S, and other tools.

Risk Analysis

We help clients clarify options, assess impacts of uncertain events and conditions, calculate expected costs and benefits, and set priorities. Fault trees are used to understand the risk of a strategy or system failing, and to find the best way to reduce the risk. IDI specializes in building decision and risk analysis models using software such as DPL from Syncopation, Inc. and Crystal Ball from Oracle, Inc.

Strategic Decision Analysis

Many organizations face more technological uncertainty, greater competition, and more customer segmentation than ever before.  Planning in this environment can be challenging.  IDI decision analysts help clients conduct stakeholder analyses, generate strategic goals, and design robust courses of action for shaping, hedging, and succeeding in the organization’s environment. IDI specializes in strategic planning models using software such as DPL from Syncopation, Inc. and Analytica from Lumina, Inc.

Organizational Assessment

The growing volume of data, rapid pace of change, and uneven quality of information available today can quickly overwhelm the ability of an organization to make use of it.  IDI decision analysts help clients collect, assess, and understand their empirical data in order to develop usable information for decision making. IDI specializes in building surveys and analyzing results using software such as SYSTAT from Systat Software, Inc. and JMP from SAS, Inc.

Process Improvement

Most company and government agency processes are systems that define the amount and quality of the organization’s work outputs. Using continuous or discrete event simulation models, IDI decision analysts help clients visualize and understand exactly how their processes or systems work today, and how to design better ones. IDI specializes in building simulation models using software such as Extend from Imagine That, Inc.

Operations Planning

Government, industrial and commercial operations are a constant balance between keeping costs down and meeting mission needs or customer requirements. IDI decision analysts help clients optimize their production operations using linear programming, scheduling and network analysis models. IDI specializes in building optimization models using software such as Risk Optimizer from Palisades, Inc.

Performance Metrics

IDI decision analysts are experts at the development of quantitative measures of performance, effectiveness, and merit that allow an organization to benchmark performance and track improvements. IDI specializes in building performance metrics that focus on results using methodologies such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC).

Research in Decision Making

IDI conducts research on individual and group decision-making processes, decision-oriented methodologies, decision aids, human factors, and cognitive biases. Examples of research capabilities include but are not limited to decision making processes, decision aids, and expert systems.

Resource Allocation

IDI provides resource allocation and portfolio analysis services and products for our clients.  The objective is allocation of limited resources among a portfolio of programs or investments to achieve the best overall value. IDI's approach is to work collaboratively with organizational sponsors to select tactics that are consistent with organizational values and parameters.  For example, the process might involve working with a relatively few senior managers for a few hours, or it might involve the participation of multiple managers and functional experts in the organization, ultimately convened in a structured meeting to discuss and formally evaluate the relative advantages of alternative funding schemes.  IDI can coach clients in preparing programs and budgets.  We also offer workshops that help clients develop internal expertise, training clients how to execute resource allocation independently. 

Source Selection

Many decision problems have more than one objective that must be considered. In source selections and analysis of alternatives, clients must balance objectives that may be in conflict, such as low cost vs. high performance or near term fixes vs. long term efficiency.  IDI decision analysts help clients build and use multiple objective choice models. IDI specializes in building multiple criteria decision analysis models using software such as Logical Decisions for Windows from Logical Decisions and Hiview from LSE Enterprise.