Patton Cooper

Senior Analyst

Mr. Cooper’s specialties include quick response analysis, ad-hoc modeling and simulation, and the development of one-off paradigms.  He quickly resolves unique problems, while maintaining the rigorous analytical underpinnings necessary to support decision analysis.  Mr. Cooper has over 23 years of experience in the areas of modeling and simulation, advanced simulation development, and systems analysis, with particular emphasis on range of Airborne Surveillance Assets, including the Aerostat, Comanche, Apache Longbow, OH58 Longbow, the FCS UAS’s (Class I, II, III, and IV), the Cypher, Naval surveillance operational impacts and force effectiveness.  He has managed numerous simulation and analysis projects over his career.  He is experienced in the areas of Operations Research, Project Management, Technical Leadership, and in leading teams which transcend organizational lines.  He is also experienced in the areas of Missile Defense, Asymmetric Warfare, C4ISR, JCIDS, and Lethality and Survivability.  Mr. Cooper has INTEL experience in the 338th MI (as an interrogator), in conducting net assessments of foreign capabilities, in analysis of asymmetric warfare, in analysis of Money as a Weapons System, and in IED Defeat.

During his career, Mr. Cooper has conducted various trade studies and analysis involving a assets, weapons-borne sensors, the NLOS-LS, terminal guidance systems, and a DARPA BDA sensor.

Mr. Cooper is a veteran of the 82nd ABD, and has taught classes both for NATO, and at the university level.  His NATO experience includes three years of teaching courses on foreign materiel and tactics to NATO forces while assigned to the OPFOR section of the 7th Army Training Command.


     B.S. Mathematics, George Mason University, 1992
     A.S. Engineering, Cum Laude, Tidewater Community College, 1990
     CertificateGerman, Valedictorian, Kellogg Award, Defense Language Institute, 1983

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