Michael Glazer


Michael has over 10 years’ experience as an Industrial Engineering analyst.  He has worked in the areas of in decision support, data analysis and applications development.

His industrial engineering projects have included supply chain operations research support to the US Navy’s SAP supply chain system Navy ERP, creating ROI and IRR proposals for Cisco Systems, and data analysis and reliability research for the FAA’s Hughes Technical Center.  For NOAA he created an Expert Choice decision analysis model to aid in budget allocation decisions.

As a programmer he has supported and maintained VBA/SQL Server information systems, created a centralized project management reporting system for TD Bank, and performed systems analyst work to aid in developing a more efficient IT infrastructure for a directmail marketing firm. 



M.E.N.G.,   Iowa State University, Industrial Engineering, 2015               

M.B.A., The George Washington University, Major in Decision Systems, 1991                                     

B.S.I.E.O.R., University of Massachusetts, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, 1985

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