Kenneth P. Kuskey

Senior Principal Analyst

Dr. Kuskey primarily designs and facilitates collaborative decision-making processes for senior and mid-level managers, chiefly in the U.S. government. Since 1976 he has supported managers in over 100 organizations, including elements of the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Departments of Energy and State, and the Intelligence Community, as well as Westinghouse, Northrop, and Honeywell Corporations, and a few non-profit organizations. Dr. Kuskey uses various models from the disciplines of mathematical psychology and the management science of decision analysis to aid groups to analyze their decisions. The models serve as frameworks for collaborative discussion and dialogue among managers and experts as they work together to analyze and reach inter- or intra-organizational consensus on their choices. Typical projects design and facilitate decision-making processes for strategic planning, budgeting, strategy implementation, requirements generation, system design, and source selection. Dr. Kuskey has also designed non-collaborative organizational processes for performance management and strategy implementation. He has designed and developed software decision-support tools for clients who will repeat the same kind of decision process over and over. Experience highlights: Design and facilitate the collaborative resource-allocation process that results in the U.S. Marine Corps’ Program Objective Memorandum (POM), annually since 1978; design the process and facilitate development of the Clinton Administration's Defense Science and Technology Strategy for the Director of Defense Research and Engineering in 1994; design and facilitate the organizing meeting of the Partnership for Public Warning in 2002; serve as the National Reconnaissance Office’s focal point for implementing the Performance-Based Budgeting initiative of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, from 2005–2011. Dr. Kuskey's specialty is the optimum allocation of resources in enterprise budgeting.


Ph.D., M.S., Engineering-Economic Systems, Stanford University, 1980 and 1971
B.D., New Testament Language and Literature, Talbot Theological Seminary, 1967
B.S., Physics, Harvey Mudd College, 1963

Selected Publications and Presentations

Kuskey, K. P., Getting the Budget to Yes, and with Effect; A Proven Process of Deliberative Resource Allocation. Presentation to the INFORMS Conference on Operations Research Practice held in Baltimore, Maryland, April 14, 2008.

Kuskey, K. P. 1-2-3 Invest; A Frame of Reference for Public-Sector and Non-Profit Investment Selection Studies. MTR 00W0000130. McLean, VA: The MITRE Corporation, September 2001.

Leitch, S., Kuskey, K. P., Buede, D. M., and Bresnick, T. A., “Of Princes, Frogs, and Marine Corps' Budgets; Institutionalizing Decision Analysis Over 23 Years," Decision Analysis Practice award presentation at the Philadelphia PA meeting of INFORMS, November 1999.

Kuskey, K. P. “New Directions and Strategies for the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers; Recommendations of the SNAME Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Group,” Marine Technology, May 1994, pp. 2, 23-30.

Kuskey, K. P. Model-Based Forecasts of Nuclear Reactor Commercial Operation Dates and Power Genera­tion; Concepts, Methods, and Algorithms. Technical Report DDI/TR 82-15-186.23. Vienna, VA: Decisions and Designs, Inc., December 1982.

Kuskey, K. P. Health, Cost, and Hospital Services; A New Approach to Decision Making. Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Stanford, CA: Stanford University, June 1980.

Cohn, B. A., and Kuskey, K. P. Cardiac Catheterization and Open Heart Surgery; Report of the Regional Cardiac Care Committee for the Nine-County San Francisco Bay Area. Edited by C. White. Oakland, California: Health Systems Management Corporation, June 1976.

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