Muthu V. Kumaran

Senior Analyst

Mr. Kumaran is an experienced business and data manager. He has 17 years of database and data analysis experience. He worked for seven years as an information technology consultant, providing services in custom software development and data warehousing to a number of public-sector and Fortune 500 clients. He also has ten years of Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting experience with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). He identified data sources, assessed usability, cleansed, and analyzed tens of millions of supply records per year in support of DLA supply-related projects.

He was also the project lead for a task that developed a requirements roadmap to enable the prevention and early detection of counterfeit parts entering the DLA supply chain. The roadmap documented the vulnerabilities, gaps, and risks and identified policy, process, and technology options available to DLA to mitigate the counterfeit parts problem.


MBA, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University of Maryland, 2004
MS, Electrical Engineering, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, 1995
BS, Electrical Engineering, Madurai University, India, 1993

Selected Publications and Presentations

Muthu Kumaran and John Marcus, Guarding against Counterfeit Parts, Defense Standardization Program Journal, October-December 2009.

Muthu V. Kumaran, John G. Marcus, James H. Reay, Counterfeit Parts in the Defense Logistics Agency, LMI Report DL919T1, December 2009.

Jessica L. Oz and Muthu Venkat, Shipping and Receiving Processes for Air Force Recruit Clothing As-Is Analysis, LMI Report ADV60T1, March 2006.

Cynthia M. Flint and Muthu Venkat, DMSMS Center of Excellence Business Case Analysis, LMI Report DL514T1, March 2006.

Jack Vandenberghe and Muthu Venkat, Ft. Carson Central Issue Facility Customer-Driven Uniform Manufacturing Project Baseline Metrics, LMI Report DL512T2, January 2006.

Bruce J. Kaplan, Michael D. Bosack, Jessica L. Glace, Keenan K. Hardy, Evelyn F. Harleston, and Muthu Venkat, DLA Weapon System Sustainment Program—Characterization of DLA’s Weapon System Parts Support and Business, LMI Report DL502T1, November 2005.

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