Robert J. Powers

Executive Principal Analyst

Dr. Powers has over thirty years experience as an aerospace systems analyst. His early career in aerospace engineering involved the development and testing of rocket motors, where he gained considerable expertise in test and evaluation (T&E) and infrared engineering. His later work, after transitioning to aerospace systems analysis, has involved a wide range of technologies and disciplines. This work, spanning over 20 years, includes: booster/interceptor modeling, reliability analysis, and trade studies; sensor modeling—EO (FLIR, IRST, LADAR) and RF (Doppler Radars and SAR); modeling and assessment of airborne and overhead architectures: platforms, orbits, and sensor performance; experimental design and analysis applied to both M&S and T&E; as well as information science: value and utility assessment, plus information fusion using Bayesian networks. Currently, Dr. Powers is supporting the intelligence community performing work in image science. This work deals with the quality assessment and modeling of both standard imagery and Advanced Geospatial Intelligent (AGI) products.


Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1986
M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1982

B.S., Chemistry, University of Dayton, 1970

Selected Publications and Presentations


Powers, Robert, “An AGI Product: Tracking and Trending of Production Quality*,” a presentation and paper given at national classified conference, Dec 2009. 

Powers, Robert J. and Mauro, Louis, “Experimental Design and Analysis (ExDA) Applied to Simulation: Satellite Coverage Example,” presentation to the Chief of NGA InnoVisions FIRE Program, Feb 2005.  

Powers, Robert,  “Utility of Bayesian Nets in War Games,” a presentation and demonstration, Millennium Challenge War Game, 2002.  

Powers, Robert, “Fundamentals of Radar for Operations Research Analysts: A Primer,” a Monograph, 25 pages, Nov 1999. 

Powers, LtCol Robert J, “Value of Modeling and Simulation in the Development and Management of Automated Information Systems: Minimizing, Risk, Cost, and Schedule Impact,” a report prepared for the Chief of Review, Test, and Evaluation, Defense Logistics Agency, 68 pages, October 1997.

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