Samantha N. Oleson

Associate Analyst

Ms. Oleson has experience in the field of Risk Analysis & Risk Management through her work supporting the Business Risk Management and Control group at a large private financial services company.  In her work for this client, Ms. Oleson has helped to implement a company-wide standardized methodology for risk assessment and has facilitated efforts to apply this methodology to existing and newly identified business risks.  She has provided further support to Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) projects with her data management and visualization skills, developing excel-based models and dashboards to illustrate insights found within the company’s risk data.  Ms. Oleson currently provides support to the client’s Trading, Margin Lending, and Cash Management business unit by testing the effectiveness of internal controls, managing business unit level oversight of the client’s third party vendors, overseeing model performance and management, and by creating automated excel-based reports and dashboards used to monitor risk and control management processes.    


Ms. Oleson also has experience in the areas of modeling and simulation and cyber security, gained during her work on projects involving enterprise-level analysis of combat scenarios and analysis of cyber risk.  Using these skills, Ms. Oleson supported the development of the Bayesian Enterprise Analysis Model (BEAM), a major simulation effort for the U.S. Air Force to produce a prototype of a high-level, fast-running Bayesian network combat model that could be used to examine the relative worth of alternative acquisitions.  While her initial assignment involved developmental testing of the prototype, she quickly expanded beyond those duties to generate complex tests on her own, developed an Excel spreadsheet-based dashboard for displaying a wide range of complex outputs, and wrote and edited a major portion of the documentation for the BEAM Final Report.  She also assisted in preparing and presenting a briefing and demonstration of the operational BEAM prototype to senior USAF A9 personnel.


As an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, Ms. Oleson was trained in the science of decision analysis and participated in a Public Policy & Management Accelerated Master’s program, completing eight graduate-level classes during her undergraduate senior year.  This academic experience allowed Ms. Oleson to explore the practical and academic application of Decision Science to the field of public policy.  During her time as an intern at the U.S. Department of Education she managed a research project investigating the standardized testing practices of each of the 50 states in an effort to understand the effectiveness of No Child Left Behind education policies.  She also worked alongside the Department’s Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development to revise and modernize a decennial publication used to teach parents about college preparedness.  Her work as an intern on the Senate Subcommittee for Financial and Contracting Oversight gave her the opportunity to research and contribute to the policy areas of ethics, energy, cyber-security, and finance.  Ms. Oleson is continuing her education in the area of Data Analysis at George Mason University.    




B.S.      Decision Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 2014

M.S.     Data Analytics Engineering, George Mason University, (Expected Graduation: May 2017)

IDI       Bayesian Networks Training Course, August 2014 (~30 hours)

IDI       Group Facilitation Training Course, Summer 2015 (~30 hours)


B.S.      Decision Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 2014

Community Involvement

Member           Daughters of the American Revolution, 2013-Present

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