IDI Technical Staff

A Note from Dr. Dennis Buede, IDI President

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What makes IDI different?  We believe that it is not just our services or our talent, but the way we apply our talent to deliver our services.

IDI has over 40 technical personnel, split about 50/50 between full-time and part-time, 80% of whom have Master’s degrees or doctorates in analytic disciplines. IDI is typically performing on 20 – 30 task orders at any time, with a variety of short-term tasks covering weeks and efforts spanning multiple years of client support.

We are thought leaders.  IDI’s depth of expertise in the decision sciences is evident in the number of national science panel chairs, leadership positions held in professional societies, editor positions in professional journals, and extensive collection of published works.  IDIers consulting work and research have been recognized and awarded for their contributions to the decision sciences and the analytic community, having refereed numerous journal articles and written decision analysis software reviews for many years.  This also enables IDI to provide thorough internal review of IDI products and analytic approaches prior to delivery to the client.

We have analytic versatility.  IDIers have a variety of military, consulting, business, teaching, and research experiences that enable IDI to rapidly respond to client needs with top-tier personnel who can make a big impact in a small time window with only a whiteboard and a laptop computer.  IDIers represent all four Department of Defense services, have experience with all the intelligence agencies, and can call on colleagues in seven different universities for reinforcement/consultation.  This reach-back to our consultants in the academic community provides us a wealth of technical knowledge to use as a sounding board for new ideas while keeping our practitioners in touch with the latest research.  Our blend of “soft science”/”hard science” is unique in the analytics consulting community.

Tough problems don’t scare us.  In fact, the toughest problems bring out the best in IDIers.  While other try to repeat the approach to the sample problems in the textbooks we helped write, IDIers are developing and applying innovative analytic techniques to the most vexing problems facing our clients: homeland security risk analysis with adaptive adversaries; cyber risk analysis; medical device screening policies to promote safety and speed to market; what actions deter or slow down adversary decision processes?  We are frequently sought as last-minute additions to teams struggling to gain traction on a problem or task.

We like to teach and coach.  Our academic backgrounds and short course offerings reflect the degree to which we value conveying knowledge and helping others build their analytic competencies.  We make a point to openly share our techniques with our clients and teammates to help our clients and teammates address the existing opportunity/problem and be in a better position to handle the next one more rapidly and more confidently.  Clients in multiple government organizations and commercial practices call us to help train their people

We designed our company with value in mind.  We routinely support clients seeking to maximize enduring value from limited resources when making important decisions, so we designed IDI to meet their analytic needs in the same way.  We observed the corner-cutting required to exist in “technically acceptable, lowest cost” environments and the resulting client disappointment – and determined we would not play that game!  We value our reputations and the quality of our work, and we deliver on time and on target for clients prescient enough to seek the enduring effects of IDI consultation and the value inherent in the consulting relationship.

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