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A Note from Mr. Bob Liebe, IDI President

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When I left active duty in the Marine Corps in 2004, I looked for an analytics company with similar ethos, dedication to excellence, and passion for service as I experienced while in uniform. I found IDI – a group of consultants committed to delivering innovative analytics solutions that enable better decision-making and accelerate value creation for their clients.  It was clear to me then, as it is now, that IDIers have a few key traits that differentiate us from the rest of the analytics crowd.

IDIers listen. First, we listen to understand and remain attuned to client needs. We work with our clients to clarify objectives, identify measures of success, and then develop an analytic approach that serves their organizations by accelerating value and minimizing risk within time and cost constraints. Listening is a key ingredient in our “secret sauce.” Our published works, conference seminars, and courses reflect our strengths in the “soft science” of stakeholder analysis and problem-framing that launch our analytic efforts and keep us well-oriented throughout our engagements. 

IDIers care. Our commitment to serving others with our analytics expertise motivates us to make an impact where it matters most. In 2016, my colleagues and their US Army client were nominated for the prestigious Edelman analytics prize for their work developing maintenance diagnostics algorithms to support service members and their systems in remote, hostile locations. The compelling measures of success were estimated lives saved through enhanced mission readiness and reduced exposure of logistics trains to hostile fire.  Those are the impacts we strive to achieve.

IDIers think. Innovative is in our name for a reason, as we continue to develop, publish, teach, and implement new analytic methods that address our clients’ most challenging problems. We advance the state of analytics through solving tough problems and sharing them with the rest of the analytics community via textbooks, journal articles, appointment to scientific advisory boards, and engagement with academia and research centers. We also enhance and accelerate improvements to existing program management practices and information flow.  More than 90% of our consultants have advanced degrees (e.g., MS, MBA, and/or PhD) in quantitative sciences, and all of them are committed to applying these skills to make heroes of our clients.

IDIers do. We embrace Design Thinking, Value-Focused Thinking and agile systems engineering principles in our ID-ate innovation process. We illuminate the key issues and opportunities; ideate to generate better alternatives; create prototype models and improved solutions; and evaluate their implementation before seeking new enhancements. With a bias for action combined with critical thinking, we learn from failure, build on successes, and iterate through systematic innovation processes to accelerate value creation for our clients. This mindset has recently spurred IDIers to excel in a two-year sequence of challenge problems from Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity and also enabled IDIers to make significant advances in management of scarce, mission-critical intelligence assets. 

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