The IDI Way

What makes IDI different?  We believe that it’s not just our services or our talent, but the way we apply our talent to deliver our services. 

Innovate… always. Today’s challenges and opportunities are never the same as yesterday’s.
— Bob Liebe, IDI President
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Facilitate a deeper understanding of the decision to be made.

Clearly Define the Problem. IDI analysts always ask, “If I gave you the answer to this problem, what would it look like?  Software, hardware, a process, or a number and reasons for that number?  Do other stakeholders agree with you?  Why or why not?”  All too often, problem-solving efforts fail because they lack a commonly understood and accepted definition of the problem being solved and/or a failure to recognize the perspectives of relevant stakeholders.

Understand the Client’s Values.  Coinciding with defining the problem is the need to understand what the client values.  IDI specializes in developing solutions that clearly specify client values and priorities, especially those that are not easily monetized (e.g., protective value, social value, information value).  Too often those facing a decision first think about the alternatives and cost, rather than thinking about their company’s core values.


Calculate and apply logical models iteratively to drive toward ever-improving solutions.

Apply the Science behind the Best Practice.  We are well versed in a wide variety of analytic methods, thus we know what works and under what client conditions. We believe that every client engagement is unique, even though it may fall into a well-defined problem “class.”  We seek the “best practice” approach (as demonstrated in the latest literature) or a combination of best practices and expertly tailor it/them to the client’s needs.

Think Big, Start Small, and Model-Test-Model.  IDI analysts know that real world problems are messy and “global” solutions rare.  Understanding the bigger picture is critical to finding that first improving baby step.  We start by prototyping a small solution and keep risks low via spirals of model-test-model, iterating toward a highly valued solution. This approach has succeeded time and time again when others have failed.


Illuminate results and key factors for promoting client success.

Present compelling results. Deliver insights in a manner the decision maker understands and prefers. Decision makers come in many varieties: Some prefer short laptop briefings, some prefer detailed documentation, and some require both. IDI consultants are accomplished communicators who have won accolades in client, academic and professional settings where presentation is critical.

Identify risks and key uncertainties.  Because the future is uncertain, IDI analysts make it a point to highlight assumptions that are most influential on the desired outcomes.  Our analysts routinely identify ways to monitor and manage all risks to both the client and the organization’s success during implementation.