Darrin L. Whaley

Principal Analyst

Mr. Whaley has 23 years experience as an operations research analyst and Marine Corps artillery officer. As an analyst, Mr. Whaley has applied a wide array of analytical techniques to a diverse set of challenges. He has applied optimization techniques to military recruiting, training, manpower, equipment fielding, and transportation networks. Mr. Whaley has applied combat modeling to Analysis of Alternatives for equipment procurement. He has applied multi-objective decision analysis to theater security cooperation, alternative combat system benefit comparison, procurement quantity benefit comparison, Analysis of Alternatives for equipment procurement, ranking intelligence priorities, and logistics process comparison. Mr. Whaley utilized data analysis to develop combat system requirements, compare armored protection provided by fielded combat vehicles, and develop energy consumption models for Navy ships. He has applied cost modeling to estimate costs associated with manpower, personnel equipping and training, software development, and transportation of equipment items. As an artillery officer, Mr. Whaley served as a battery commander and in a variety of other positions in artillery battalions and in an Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company. His operational experience includes combat duty in Operations DESERT STORM, ENDURING FREEDOM, and IRAQI FREEDOM.


M.S., Operations Research, Naval Postgraduate School, 2001
B.S., Ocean Engineering, United States Naval Academy, 1989

Selected Publications and Presentations

Whaley, D. L.;Bowman, K.; Heckert, D.; Broadwater, W., Networking On-The-Move Analysis of Alternatives.  Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, VA, March 2010.

Zaffram, C.; Whaley, D.; Jennings, L.; Landry, P.; Miller, S., Estimation of Marine Infantry Rifle Squad Load Weight.  Presented to 73rd Military Operations Research Society Symposium, Westpoint, NY, June 2005.

Whaley, D. L., Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle Acquisition Objective Study.  Studies and Analysis Division, Quantico, VA, April 2004.

Lepson, M. and Whaley, D., Assessment of USMC Horn of Africa Theater Security Cooperation. Presented to 70th Military Operations Research Society Symposium, Leavenworth, KS, June 2002.

Whaley, D. L., Scheduling the Recruiting and MOS Training of Enlisted Marines.  Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, September 2001.

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