A Brief Introduction to Correlation

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The IDI Blog covers a broad spectrum of technical knowledge and ability.  Our topics range from introductory to advanced, pragmatic to philosophic.  This entry seeks to provide a quick refresher on correlation. Correlation is an aspect of inferential statistics that seeks to determine whether or not a relationship exists between [...]

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Challenges of Terrorism Risk Management

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Framing This Blog: I’d like to open up a blog-based dialog on some of the key challenges of terrorism risk management.  These challenges are found in other areas of risk assessment and risk management, but the context of terrorism risk management adds drama and relevance.  My hope is that comments [...]

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A Risk Analyst's Brush with a Rare Event

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Among our clients here at the IDI, are the Navy’s various offices responsible for aspects of public safety for the Commander Navy Installations Command:  Force Protection, Fire & Emergency Services, Occupational Safety, and Emergency Management.  Our primarily role is to assist them in making risk-informed, resource allocation decisions.  One of [...]

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Can anybody do risk analysis?

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Cyn: Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna. Never will – Working Girl, 1988 What can go wrong – how likely is it – what are the consequences?  Seems easy, right?  Perhaps not.  Yet we need to tackle these questions in order to responsibly [...]

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