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Functional Experts

When someone spends years and years becoming the expert on a particular topic, it becomes part of who he or she is. Experts have the hands-on experience, confidence and authority to make instinctive, snap decisions under constrained timelines and intense pressure.  But experts need help, too. When undertaking organizational change or resource allocation decisions with longer-term implications, complementary analytic skills are necessary to help experts avoid cognitive biases, engage experts from other domains, and in some cases, “do the math” to explore many alternatives and their costs before identifying a preferred solution.  And what expert does not value a new tool that makes his/her task easier, faster, more effective?

Expert Research and Assistance

We partner with functional experts to assist them in their pursuits, whether it is within the analytics field or in another industry altogether, where analytics are a functional enabler. Our team has a wide variety of experience in many operational and management domains, and we can lend a hand in practically any endeavor – “doing the math” to develop faster decision support algorithms or managing a cost-effectiveness analysis subject to extensive peer review.  

Our partners benefit from services such as:

  • Research
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Data Elicitation
  • Algorithm Development
  • Process Modeling & Simulation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Decision Process Design
  • Performance Monitoring

At IDI, our clients are the heroes. Let us help the expert who continually strives for better.

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