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How We Help


IDI consultants enable organizations to enhance their performance and reduce risk through innovative analytic efforts that inform decision-making at all levels — tactical, operational, and strategic.  Our expertise in socio-technical analytic methods engages leaders and embraces organizational values to motivate collaborative innovation that integrates quantitative and qualitative methods to maximize analytic impact.   

IDIers are not afraid to explore creative methodologies, build custom tools, or dig through piles of data to help our customers achieve their desired results. Our analysis frequently motivates new ideas and innovative approaches to achieve better outcomes than initially perceived possible.

We help with:

  • Systems Engineering – We are experts in analytic applications that enhance system design and development processes to optimize performance and reduce risk. Learn More
  • Operations AnalyticsWe apply mathematical models, statistical analyses, and logical reasoning methods to improve operations and align them to the organization’s strategic direction. Learn More
  • Data ScienceIDIers mine actionable insights out of piles of structured and unstructured data to help organizations make sense of disparate decision alternatives and outcomes. Learn More
  • Decision and Risk AnalysisThe ability to look at decision-making from many different angles enables us to clarify objectives and risks and present options to help our clients make well-informed decisions. Learn More
  • InnovationOur team has the training and curiosity to illuminate objectives, ideate solutions, create prototypes, and evaluate their implementation iteratively, continuously driving for improvements. Learn More

Innovative Analytics: Better Decisions, Better Results

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