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Today’s challenges and opportunities are never the same as yesterday’s; market disruption exemplifies innovation. At its core, innovation is about delivering positive results and reducing risk by creating more effective processes, products, experiences, and ideas. To succeed in the marketplace, innovation needs to be inherent in every organization’s culture, objectives, and strategy.

Innovative Analytics, Better Decisions

At IDI, we help clients illuminate and come to consensus on innovative ideas. We believe that it’s not just our services or our talent, but the way we apply our talent to deliver our services. Our iterative ID-ate innovation process helps guide innovation efforts in all our engagements:

  • Illuminate: Clarify objectives, constraints, opportunities, and risks
  • Ideate: Develop alternatives to meet objectives and reduce risk
  • Create: Develop models and prototypes to test
  • Evaluate: Examine models, prototypes, and iterative solutions under actual or simulated conditions for their impact, costs, and risk reduction

We are disrupting the decision-making process, by:

  • Introducing data-driven decision making to complement experiential expertise
  • Integrating objective and subjective data into predictive models
  • Addressing “No Data” problems and “Big Data” opportunities
  • Expanding the decision space to consider portfolios of interdependent alternatives
  • Advancing multi-model practices into insider threat modeling

Closing the Risk Gap

Because the future is uncertain and market disruption could be just around the corner, organizations that foster an environment of innovation come out on top. Anyone can innovate, but having the right analysts on hand to close the risk gap and identify ways to monitor and manage all risks to both the client and the organization’s success is paramount.

Let IDI help you grow and adapt your organization in the marketplace.

What is challenging your organization’s innovation:

  • Time
  • Budget
  • Ideas
  • Risk
  • Agility
  • Scalability

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