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Operations Analytics

Advanced data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data are advancing the pace in which commercial enterprises and government agencies respond to internal and external events, solve problems, improve productivity, and optimize operations. Analysis of operations can help pinpoint issues and save both time and money.

It is not the volume of structured and unstructured data that is significant; it is what businesses and agencies do with that data that matters. Recognizing patterns and trends in large data pools can translate into a deeper and more insightful perspective on productivity and operational efficiency.

Quantitative Analysis of Real-World Business Challenges

Our analysts use mathematical models, statistical analyses, and logical reasoning methods to examine an organization’s operations data and draw alignment between the intended business need and the organization’s strategic direction.

Through predictive analytics, we assess strategic and business results, customer results, financial performance, and quality of innovation to match operational capabilities and resources with demand in various business settings and bring to light to whether the resources required to initiate and implement the intended operational change are feasible.

Transforming Data into Action

Commercial enterprises and government agencies continuously seek new opportunities to benefit from their data collections. Turning insights into action through the use of mathematics, diagnostics, prediction, optimization and other advanced analytics techniques enables our clients to capitalize on the patterns and trends that our analysts uncover in their data pools.  In some instances there is no data pool to describe the future operational scenario, but systematic analytic processes can shed insight into these “No Data” future scenarios.

Big Data is growing at an unprecedented rate, and No Data problems persist. Let IDI help you uncover patterns and trends that will improve your operational efficiency and also address the future unknowns your organization faces.

We help our clients determine the best course of action, through:

  • Process Optimization
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Resource Allocation Analyses
  • Cost Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis

Are complex interactions and uncertainty wearing you down?  IDI can help illuminate the path to a better future.

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