Alicia Bridges

Principal Analyst

Ms. Bridges has over nine years of experience as an instructor, cost analyst and operations research analyst. Her expertise is in developing mathematical models to support strategic planning and Milestone decisions for several DoD stakeholders/customers. Ms. Bridges has demonstrated expertise in the design and development of user-friendly cost and decision models. Her focus is on building spreadsheet models with the use of specialized modeling techniques, including Monte Carlo simulations to support risk analysis, as well as traditional ranking methods to support design trade analyses. Ms. Bridges takes special interest in using decision analysis and optimization techniques to provide resource allocation solutions for customers, relying on her experience in cost estimating, risk analysis, cost/benefit analysis and schedule analysis. She has led teams of analysts in providing decision support on competing alternatives for the development of an automated reporting tool for the intelligence community. Ms. Bridges has also presented the results of her analyses to several members of Senior Leadership across the DoD and Intelligence communities. Some of her past work includes supporting trade studies for the Mission-Oriented Risk & Design Analysis (MORDA) of mission assurance activities and supporting modeling efforts to assess adversary behavior.


M.S.       Mathematical Sciences / Operations Research, Clemson University, 2001
B.S.        Mathematics (Actuarial Science) with minor in Economics, Howard University, 1999

Selected Publications and Presentations

Bridges, Alicia L., “The Effects of Shift Scheduling on the Sleep-Wake Cycle: Analysis of a Two-Week Shift Schedule, Clemson University”, presentation, Clemson, SC, April, 2001.