Charles "Chuck" D. Burdick

Principal Analyst

Mr. Burdick has over thirty-five years of experience in modeling and simulation of military systems and has developed and applied several different tactical and operational combat simulations to analytical, training, and testing applications for both the military Services and DoD agencies.  While he has also worked with manned simulators, Chuck has focused particularly on integrating weapons simulations with command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) in large scale models.  He has applied these models to training, testing, logistics, and intelligence analysis.

He has also been very active in introducing non-kinetic effects (electronic warfare, deception, and cyber) into large scale military simulations.  He has pioneered efforts to represent humans and human behavior in the context of battlefield situations and reflect the unique personality traits of Commanders, explicit training and its effects on individual and unit performance, and the presence of noncombatant civilians on battlefields.  Mr. Burdick is a former Army Military Intelligence officer, a Vietnam veteran, and retired as a Colonel in the Army Reserves and is registered with INFORMS as a Certified Analytics Professional.


M.S., Operations Research & Systems Analysis, The George Washington University, 1974
B.S., Experimental Psych & Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1966

Selected Publications and Presentations

Burdick, Chuck, Hofstra, Kevin, and Sidhu, Deepinder, “Full-Fidelity Cyber Training Through Emulation” Presented to the 85th MORS Symposium, Working Groups 20, Jun 2017.

Burdick, Chuck and Sidhu, Deepinder, “Cyber Defense Exercises (CDX) on a High Fidelity Virtual Cyber Range” Presented to the 84th MORS Symposium, Working Groups 20 and 28, Jun 2016.

Burdick, Chuck and Sidhu, Deepinder, “Low Cost Cyber Security Testing on a Virtual Cyber Range” Presented to the 84th MORS Symposium, Working Groups 5 and 24, Jun 2016.

Boteler, Aaron, Burdick, Chuck, and Sidhu, Deepinder. “Testing Networks and Systems of Networks on an Inexpensive Virtual Cyber Range” Presented at the NDIA Systems Engineering Conference, Oct 2015

Burdick, Chuck, Devereau, Francis, Weissflog, Roger, and Woods, Wes “Modeling ISR in the ISC-B Scenarios Using STORM 2.0” Presented to 80th MORS Symposium, Working Groups 7, 10, & 16, Jun 2012.

Burdick, Chuck, “Matching Models to Requirements” 79th MORS Symposium, Working Group 23, Jun 2011.

Burdick, Chuck, and Poumade, Mike, “Modeling Hybrid Warfare” 78th MORS Symposium, Working Group 12, Jun 2010.

Burdick, Chuck, Poumade, Mike, and Duong, Debbie, “Representing Civilians in a Campaign Context” 77th MORS Symposium, Working Group 12, 6/2009.

Burdick, Chuck, Holdsworth, David R., and Crino, John R., “Detailed to Aggregated: Providing Key Data to a Campaign Level Study” Presented to 76th MORS Symposium, Working Group 16, Jun 2008.

Burdick, Charles, Montgomery, Keith, and Bross, Paul, “Improving T&E Participation in the Requirements Generation Process” Presented at the 24th Annual National Test & Evaluation Conference, Feb 2008.

Burdick, Chuck, Dzombar, Ken, Crino, John R., and Hanson, Susan, “Very Small Unit Operations in a Campaign Context” Presented to 75th MORS Symposium, Working Group 16, Jun 2007.

Crino, John R., Burdick, Chuck, and Hanson, Susan, “Combating WMD Analytic Baseline Study: A Methodology for Integrating C4ISR and Non-Traditional Challenges” presented to Working Group 7and selected for Barchi Prize competition at 75th MORS Symposium, Jun 2007.

Burdick, Charles, Argo, Harry, and Bross, Paul, “Advanced Land Command and Control”, Presented to 71st MORS Symposium, Working Group 12, Jun 2003.

Burdick, Charles, Prince, Dr. John, Grell, Mihaly, Argo, LTC Harry, Huynh, James, MacQueen, Don, andBross, Paul, Plan Building in JWARS, Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Computer Generated Forces and Behavioral Representation. May 7-9, 2002.

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