Donald E. Humpert

Senior Principal Analyst

Dr. Humpert has over 30 years experience as a Marine Corps engineer officer, operations research analyst, and consultant.  As an engineer officer, Dr. Humpert served in command and staff positions in the Division, Logistics Group, Aircraft Wing, and at Headquarters Marine Corps.   As an analyst, Dr. Humpert facilitated life cycle management decisions for ground equipment and championed the implementation of business best practices.  Dr. Humpert was instrumental to the implementation of Theory of Constraints (TOC) applications in Maintenance Center Albany, a major change effort that resulted in significant savings.  As an industrial-organizational psychology and management consultant, Dr. Humpert has facilitated major process improvement change initiatives in organizations ranging in size from less than 100 to over 100,000 employees.  Dr. Humpert specializes in integrating fundamentals of operations management, measurement and analysis, and organizational psychology into a holistic approach of process improvement and change management.

Dr. Humpert is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.  Dr. Humpert is certified by the Theory of Constraints Certification Organization (TOCICO) as a practitioner in the domains of supply chain logistics, project management, and the TOC Thinking Process.  Dr. Humpert is also certified to administer, interpret, and provide feedback on the Hogan Assessment Systems suite of psychological assessments, the Kaiser Leadership Versatility Index, and the Denison Organizational Culture Survey.


Ph.D.   Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Phoenix, AZ, 2017.
M.S.     Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Phoenix, AZ, 2012.
M.S.     Operations Research, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, 2000.
M.A.    Management, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA, 1994.
B.A.     Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 1987.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Humpert, D. E., Critical Chain project management: Relationships with stress, motivation, commitment, and leader-member exchange (Doctoral dissertation, University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies), Phoenix, AZ, April 2017.

Humpert, D. E., Performance management without performance appraisals: Using objective data in scorecards. Poster session presented at the INFORMS conference on business analytics and operations research, San Antonio, TX, April 2013.

Foreman, S., Gillan, D., and Humpert, D. E., TOC Implementation: Six years later, presentation to TOCICO 6th annual international conference, Las Vegas, NV, November 2008.

Humpert, D. E., Working smarter: Putting best practices to work transforming logistics capability into readiness at the Marine Corps maintenance centers, presentation to Department of Defense Maintenance Symposium, Reno, NV, October 2002.

Humpert, D. E., Optimization of procurement scheduling for major defense acquisition programs, Naval Postgraduate School – Thesis, Monterey, CA, September 2000.