F. Freeman Marvin

Vice President and Executive Principal Analyst

Mr. Marvin has over 25 years experience as a group facilitator and decision analyst.  His expertise is in the integration and application of organizational development, operations research, and electronic collaboration technologies.  His approach to helping groups solve problems and make decisions blends his group facilitation skills, his knowledge of decision analysis methods, and his experience using computer tools and groupware in small group settings.  Mr. Marvin works with project teams, task forces, executive boards, and other working groups to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their decision-making processes.

He has facilitated numerous decision conferences and electronic meetings using GroupSystems groupware, developed decision models using a variety of software tools, and taught courses on group decision support for traditional facilitators, managers, and analysts.  He most often supports groups that want to develop strategic plans, assess and manage risk, choose among options, allocate resources, or improve performance.

He has worked as an operations research analyst for Rockwell International and Decision Science Consortium, and was a senior member of the technical staff for Northrop-Grumman TASC, a systems engineering and professional services company.  He is a founder and instructor for the Soft Skills Workshop held at the annual conference for the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science.  Mr. Marvin is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) with The International Association of Facilitators.


Masters in Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University,
1984 Bachelor of Science, National Security and Public Affairs,
U.S. Military Academy, 1977

Selected Publications and Presentations

Marvin, F.F., Klimack, W., Buckshaw, D., Soft-Skills Workshop: Working with Collaborative Groups, INFORMS Practitioner’s Conference, Baltimore, MD, April 2008.

Marvin, F.F., Walther, J., and Hayes, S., Using GroupSystems with simulation tools. Face to Face Technology 2000 Conference, Chantilly, VA, 2000.

Marvin, F.F. Decision support tools and applications. George Washington University lecture in Individual and Group Decision-Making, 1999.

Hansen, G., and Marvin, F.F. Using simulation for long range project planning. International Business Process Summit Conference, Reston, VA, 1999.

Walther, J., Marvin, F.F., and Hayes, S.A. Use of operations research models in validation of the BW improved response Template. In Proceedings of the 67th Military Operations Research Society Symposium. West Point, NY: 1999. (Selected as best working group paper.)

Constantine, M.M., and Marvin, F.F. Explicitness and discretion in government source selections. In Proceedings of INFORMS Fall Symposium, 1996.

Adelman, L., Bresnick, T.A., Black, P.K., Marvin, F.F., and Sak, S.G. Research with Patriot air defense officers: Examining information order effects. Human Factors, June 1996, pp. 250-261.