Gary R. Smith

Senior Principal Analyst

Mr. Smith has over 30 years experience as a senior decision analyst and decision analysis software developer. He has developed decision analysis software tools that are widely used and that define the state of the art for multi-objective decision analysis. He also has wide experience as a decision analysis consultant, providing model development, group facilitation, problem definition and training to a wide variety of clients in business, government agencies and the military. Mr. Smith has worked with clients to define problems and scopes of work, developed methodologies, performed analysis and documented and presented results and performed training in decision analysis. Technical skills include decision and risk analysis, operations research methods, computer programming and others.


M.S., Engineering-Economic Systems, Stanford University, 1975
B.A., University of California, Berkeley, 1974

Selected Publications and Presentations

Smith, G.R., Logical Decisions Portfolio User’s Manual, Fairfax, VA, Logical Decisions, 2003-2012

Smith, G.R., Logical Decisions User’s Manual, Fairfax, VALogical Decisions, 1991-2012

Gary R. Smith, James Scouras, Robert M. DeBell, (2009) “Qualitative Representation of Risk” chapter in Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security, April 2010.

Donald L. Buckshaw, Dr. Gregory S. Parnell, Willard L. Unkenholz, Donald L. Parks and Gary R. Smith “A Comparison of Aggregation Techniques for Mission Oriented Risk and Design Analysis (MORDA) Attack Values”,  Innovative Decisions Technical Report 2004-03, Vienna, VA, 2004.

Smith, G.R., Aggregation of Information in Large Projects Using Multi-attribute Utility Theory, ORSA/TIMS Joint National Meeting, Philadelphia, Nov 1990.

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