Jordan L. Thomas

Associate Analyst

Jordan Thomas has 7 years of experience in the field of atmospheric and ocean science with an emphasis on global climate modeling. Ms. Thomas’s publication history highlights her expertise in atmospheric chemistry, the quantification of internal variability, and analysis of complex models. Through her PhD research, Ms. Thomas has applied her analytical and programming skills to various types of data driven problems.


Ph.D.   Earth and Planetary Science, Johns Hopkins University, 2018

M.A.   Earth and Planetary Science, Johns Hopkins University, 2014

B.S.     Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University, 2012

Selected Publications and Presentations

Thomas J. L.,Waugh D.W., and Gnanadesikan A. (2017) “Relationship between ocean heat and carbon variability”. Journal of Climate. To Appear.

Brune W. H., Baier B. C., Thomas J.L., Ren X., Cohen R. C., Pusede S. E., Browne E. C., Goldstein A. H., Gentner D. R., Keutsch F. N., Thornton J.A., Harrold S., Lopez-Hilfiker F. D. and Wennbergm P. O. (2016) “Ozone production chemistry in the     presence of urban plumes”. Faraday Discussions. 189. 169–189.

Thomas J. L., Waugh D. W., and Gnanadesikan A. (2015) “Southern Hemisphere             extratropical circulation: Recent trends and natural variability”. Geophysical         Research Letters. 42. 5508–5515.