Justin Amoyal


Mr. Amoyal is an Engineer with experience in Optimization, Group Facilitation, and Agile Project Management.  His expertise is in the development of efficiency driven software products, process improvement, and advanced visualization mechanisms aiding user experience.  His approach to helping groups solve problems and make decisions blends his group facilitation skills, his knowledge of software capabilities/adaptability, and his experience developing systems for a wide range of problems.  Mr. Amoyal has worked with senior leadership, project teams, and other working groups to optimize the input of all stakeholders and develop metric based decision-making processes.

He has worked as a Manufacturing Integration & Systems Engineer for Lockheed Martin, where he led a project team to optimize the way in which metrics were collected and delivered to senior leadership within the Production Engineering Organization. By optimizing the capabilities of Excel, he led the development of an easily navigable dashboard providing leadership with “first-glance” metrics tracking status on objectives of over 400 employees. In this role, he also led an effort to develop a new system to optimize the way in which requisition requests to hire were made through out the chain of management. Prior to this role, Mr. Amoyal built an application for Lockheed Martin AERO’s International Planning Proposals & Scheduling department, providing management insight into individual team member’s workloads being exceeded or under-tasked. Visual outputs were provided to show the effects on overall project plan, missed or incomplete tasks, and other useful metrics.

During his senior year at George Mason University, Mr. Amoyal was sponsored by Lockheed Martin to continue working on an innovative idea he had established during his internship to optimize the method to inspect and detect Foreign Object Debris [FOD]. This project required development of a discrete event simulation, differential imaging software, systems life-cycle analysis, and multiple operations research techniques to select optimal alternatives.


B.S. in Systems Engineering; Concentration in Operations Research [Magna Cum Laude], George Mason University 2015