Kellen G. Leister

Senior Analyst

Mr. Leister has over 30 years of experience in the modeling, analysis and management of risk, supported by the application of statistical and operations research methods.  During the past two years he has assisted the U.S. Navy in its efforts to identify, analyze and validate energy conservation initiatives aboard ships. For three years prior to that, while associated with George Mason University, he applied his skills to counter-IED research, including statistical analysis of IED incidence and analysis/optimization of route clearance operations. In the previous three decades, Mr. Leister worked as a consulting actuary, during which time he assisted large organizations in designing their employee retirement income and healthcare plans and managing the financial, workforce and legal risks associated with operating those plans.

Relevant examples of his recent experience include ongoing development of calibrated baseline models of energy consumption aboard Military Sealift Command ships; enhancement of previously developed EXCEL tools designed to optimize engine configuration and speed for fuel consumption and engine maintenance purposes; and several instances of statistical analysis of test data for energy conservation measures to identify and quantify key parameters affecting energy savings.


M.S., Operations Research, George Mason University, 2011
M.S., Statistical Science, George Mason University, 2011
Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, 1981
B.A., University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1979

Selected Publications and Presentations

Kolesar, P.J., Leister, K.G., Stimpson, D.E., and Woodaman, R.F., A Simple Model of Optimal Clearance of Improvised Explosive Devices. Annals of Operations Research (ANOR 1126) 2012.

Leister, K.G. and Kolesar, P.J.  Estimating Route Clearance Team Effectiveness.  C4I Center Technical Report, George Mason University, Sept 2009.

Kolesar, P.J., Woodaman, R.F., and Leister, K.G.  Time Series Analysis of Improvised Explosive Device Incidence.  C4I Center Technical Report, George Mason University, Sept 2008.

Woodaman, R.F., and Leister, K.G.  Modeling IEDs as Compound Poisson Arrival Processes on Arcs of the MSR Network.  C4I Center Technical Report, George Mason University, Sept 2008.