Michael F. Cassidy

Executive Principal Analyst

Dr. Cassidy has approximately 40 years of professional experience in academic, research, and consulting positions. He is Professor Emeritus, Information Technology and Management Science, Marymount University, and served as Co-Editor (2003 – 2009) of Performance Improvement Quarterly, a peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal focusing on human cognitive performance.

Dr. Cassidyhas served as Principal or Co-Principal Investigator on multiple research projects related to topics such as predicting workforce turnover; assessing employee, client, and member satisfaction; explaining and predicting human deception; validating a survey designed to measure Social Capital; predicting alternative policies’ impact on workforce diversity, using system dynamics modeling; evaluating the technical and social impacts of automation on analysts’ document processing; assessing comparative name-search engine performance; evaluating the credibility of open source documentation; eliciting probability estimates from country SMEs in self-report instruments; etc


Ph.D., Instructional Systems/Semiotics, Indiana University, 1980
M.S., Library & Information Science, University of Southern California, 1975
B.F.A., Humanities, California Institute of the Arts, 1974
B.A., Religious Studies/English, Manhattan College, 1972

Selected Publications and Presentations

Cassidy, M. F. (2014.) Reconciling signs: Personal reflections on pain and disability. In  K. R. Johnson & K. Couture (Eds.) Disability discrimination at work. Williamstown, MA: Piraeus Books, LLC.

Cassidy, M. (2010). Diversity by design: Creating cognitive conflict to enhance group performance. In S. Schuman (ed.), The handbook for working with difficult groups. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass/Wiley.

Cassidy, M. & Navarrett, J. (2009). Airport passenger-related processing rates guidebook. (ACRP REPORT 23). Washington, D.C: The National Academies of Sciences, Transportation Research Board.

Cassidy, M. & Buede, D. (2009). Does the accuracy of expert judgment comply with common sense? Caveat emptor. Management Decision, 47(3), 454 – 469.

Cassidy, M. (2007). An investigation into the Skill Performance Certificate program for limb impaired and amputee commercial truck drivers. (DOT – FMCSA Publication), Washington, DC: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Cassidy, M.F. & Cassidy M.M. (2006). Principles and practices of group decision making.  In J. Pershing (ed.), The handbook of human performance technology: Principles, practices, and potential, 3nd edition. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Cassidy, M. & Hodson, W. (2005). A Technical evaluation of two name trace search engine algorithms. Classified technical report. Washington: DC.

Cassidy, M. & Hodson, W. (2005).  2004 Annual report on hiring and retention of minority employees in the intelligence community.  Prepared for the House Permanent Subcommittee on Intelligence, Washington:DC.

Cassidy, M., Nicholl, C., Ross, C. & Lonsway, K. (2004).  The victim’s view: Domestic      violence and the police response.   Law enforcement Executive FORUM4, 135 – 152

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