Natalie M. Scala


Dr. Scala has over ten years of experience in the energy utilities, defense, and academic sectors. Her research interests are primarily in decision analysis and analytics, with applications to cyber security, military, spare parts management, energy utilities, project scheduling, sports, and analytics education. Dr. Scala’s dissertation examined spare parts inventory management under the conditions of sole-vendored parts with low volume and intermittent demand and utilized a decision analysis approach to determine part criticality and associated inventory stocking policies. She has presented at numerous conferences and taught courses on analytics, operations management, project management, and probability and statistics. Dr. Scala is an active member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), and the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) and is currently serving as board/council members to the Military Applications Society (INFORMS), SpORts (INFORMS) and Society for Engineering Management Systems (IISE).


PhD, Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2011
M.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2007
B.S., Mathematics (minor in Communications), John Carroll University, 2005

Selected Publications and Presentations

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