Robert M. Liebe


Mr. Liebe has over twenty seven years of experience as a Marine officer, helicopter pilot, operations research analyst, and consultant. As a Marine helicopter pilot, Mr. Liebe achieved mission commander and instructor qualifications during a series of assignments as an operations officer, maintenance officer, and instructor pilot. As a Marine Corps analyst, Mr. Liebe has applied a wide array of analysis techniques to many different challenges. He developed a mixed integer optimization model to create 10-year aircrew training plans and facilitate resource investment decisions for the Marine Corps’ transition to tilt-rotor aircraft. Mr. Liebe applied Markov transition matrices to model military dental readiness and to help forecast wartime equipment attrition. Web-based survey, categorical data analysis, and structured interviewing techniques enabled Mr. Liebe’s analysis team to assess the comparative value of traditional and distance education programs for Marine officers. He deployed to Iraq with 3d Marine Aircraft Wing in Spring 2003, where discrete event simulation and spreadsheet modeling assisted operational planning and subsequent operational assessment during Marine forces’ advance to Baghdad. Since joining IDI, Mr. Liebe has assisted in development of discrete event simulations supporting ship design decisions and case handling process improvement efforts at a large government organization.  He has also conducted research on risk analysis methods, techniques, and tools and their applicability to homeland security. He applied these analysis techniques and decision process design expertise in supporting Navy installation protection investment decisions, leading development of decision support models influencing over $1BB in annual resource allocation decisions.


M.B.A., Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, 2012
M.S., Operations Research, Naval Postgraduate School, 2000
Bachelor’s of Science, Mathematics, United States Naval Academy, 1990

Selected Publications and Presentations

Beekman, J., R, Maiello, R. Baker, A. Hepler, and R. Liebe, “SafePOM Pricing/Performance Model for Safety and Occupational Health Program,” presentation to Military Operations Research Society Symposium, June 2017.

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Liebe, Robert M. and James Scouras, “Security Risk Analysis Framework:  Development and Application,” presentation to Security Analysis and Risk Management Association, Fairfax, VA, May 2008.

Liebe, Robert M, “Homeland Security Risk Assessment:  Illustrative Framework and Applicable Methods and Techniques,” presentation to Society for Risk Analysis, Orlando, FL, December 2005.

Liebe, Robert M., “Operations Analysis in Support of Marine Forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom,presentation to Military Operations Research Society Education Colloquium, West Point, NY, April 2004.

Woodaman, Ronald and Liebe, Robert, “Value of Resident PME: Results and Recommendations From 2001 PME Study”, Marine Corps Gazette, July 2002, v. 86, no. 7, p. 30-33.Vol. 7, pp. 30-31.