Russell B. Mosier

Senior Vice President and Executive Principal Analyst

Mr. Mosier has twenty-five years of experience as a Decision Analyst. Mr. Mosier has applied decision analysis techniques in Portfolio Analysis, Portfolio Management, Analysis of Alternatives, Business Case Analyses, Trade Studies, Strategic Planning, and Resource Allocation studies for Joint and Service programs of all ACAT levels. His analyst toolkit includes Multiple Objective Decision Analysis techniques, operations research, rapid prototyping, and spreadsheet cost modeling, among other techniques for delivering insights to his clients and executive decision makers.

Mr. Mosier is an experience facilitator and lead analyst as well as experience in both domestic and international consulting. Mr. Mosier is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) as well as Black Belt certified in both Lean Six Sigma and QFD.


M.B.A., George Mason University, 1999
B.S., Computer Science, United States Naval Academy, 1992

Selected Publications and Presentations

Driscoll, P, Newton, H, Mosier, R., “A Network Approach to Identifying Military Fleet Replacement Strategies”, International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems, Vol 4, October-December 2013

Mosier, R., Buede, D. “Balance Beam Weighting Technique: The Best Decision Analysis Technique You Are Not Using”, MORSS 2019

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Mosier, Russell B. and Brassard, Daniel, “Marginal Benefit and Cost of HA, PA, and DA for M1A1 MBT”, presentation to Ground Vehicle Survivability Symposium, Monterey, CA, February 2004.

Mosier, Russell B., “Boat Requirements Trades Studies using Quality Function Deployment”, presentation to Multi-Agency Craft Conference, Little Creek, VA 2003.