Scott E. Willette

Principal Analyst

Dr. Willette has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in military decision making, cost analysis, operations research, model development, and project management. He is a retired Marine Officer with over 15 years of analytical experience in uniform, as a civil servant, and as a contractor. He spent that time conducting analyses in support of requirements and acquisition decisions for over 80 programs for the Marine Corps and Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense. Dr. Willette is the Military Operations Research Society’s (MORS) Cost Analysis working group chair, Decision Analysis working group advisor, and is developing a MORS Decision Analysis community of practice.

Dr. Willette retired from the Marine Corps as a Major after 21 years of service. He held positions as an acquisitions management professional, cost analyst, and aviation command and control officer. As an enlisted Marine, Dr. Willette served tours as a radar repairman, Marine Security Guard, and machine gunner. Since retiring, he has served as the senior operations research analyst/cost analyst for a major Marine Corps acquisition program as a government civil servant, and in various cost and operations research billets in the private sector.


Ph.D.   Management, Walden University, 2014
M.B.A. Defense Systems Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School, 2003
B.A.     Political Science, Oregon State University, 1998

Selected Publications and Presentations

Willette, S. (2015) The Cost of Suicide and Suicide Prevention: DoD, VA, and CDC Perspectives. Panel member discussing the “DoD Suicide Prevention Cost Analysis Process”, American Association of Suicidology, 49th Annual Conference, Chicago, IL

Willette, S. (2014) A Q Methodology Study Evaluating the Emergence of Complex Adaptive Systems and Evaluating the Emergence of Complex Adaptive Systems in Requirements and Acquisitions Organizations. Papers presented at the 82nd Military Operations Research Society Symposium, Alexandria, VA

Willette, S. (2014). “Proven Tools and Tips from Doctors and Doctoral Candidates”, Chapter 14. InW.R. McCollum, How to use emotional, cultural, and spiritual intelligence to mentor doctoral learners (pp. 262-278). Fort Washington, MD: McCollum Enterprises.

Dachepalli, A. and Willette, S. (2012) Implementation of Should Cost Initiatives: Procedures and Guidelines for a Program Office.  Paper presented at the 45th Department of Defense Cost Analysis Symposium, Williamsburg, VA

Willette, S. (2006) Designing a Performance Improvement Decision Model for the USMC’s Defense Decision Support Systems Using Systems Analysis. Poster and paper presented at the Institute For Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Annual Practice Conference, Orlando, FL

Detar, P. and Willette, S. (2006) From JCIDS [Joint Capabilities Identification and Development System] Analysis to AoAs:  The good, the Bad and the Ugly. Paper presented at the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) meeting on Capabilities Based Planning, Washington DC.

Detar, P. and Willette, S. (2005) A Tale of Competing Priorities: The Three-Dimensional Expeditionary Long Range Radar Analysis of Alternatives. Paper presented to the Measures of Merit and Analysis of Alternatives working groups at the Annual MORS Symposium, Colorado Springs, CO

Willette, S. (2005) From JCIDS Analysis to AoAs: Improving the Cost Process. Paper presented at the Department of Defense Cost Analysis Symposium, Williamsburg, VA