Steven Darcy

Principal Analyst

Mr. Darcy has a passion for operations research. In particular, he enjoys modeling and simulation. He has nearly 20 years of experience in all aspects of software development, from acquisition policy and guidance through user acceptance. He is an expert object oriented architect, designer and programmer. He has spent the last seven years building and running complex event driven agent based simulations. He has experience in warfare modeling and banking, transportation, and telecommunications systems.


Ph.D., Systems Engineering and Operations Research, George Mason University, expected 2014
M.S., Operations Research, George Mason University, 2008
B.S., Physics & App. Physics, Rutgers University & New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1988

Selected Publications and Presentations

Darcy, S.M. Scalable Parallel Architecture for the Joint Analysis Model.  White Paper for CACI

Melim, P.B. and Darcy, S.M. Assessing the Effects of Joint Fires on Joint Forcible Entry Operations (JFEO). Presented at 73rd MORS Symposium (June 2005), received MORS impact coin.

Sutherland, Neary, Kolstad, and Darcy  Population and Environment Analysis for Counter-insurgency Evaluation (PEACE).  Presented at George Mason University May 2008.