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In today’s data-abundant workplace, Analytics techniques are used to help companies make proactive decisions. When integrated  with information owners, information system designers, and process managers, analytics teams help illuminate patterns and trends in data and enhance leaders’ understanding of their organization and how they can perform better.

Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have altered the concept of data forever. Information can come from any place and in any format, and often gets siloed within certain business areas. This chaos makes the application of analytics more challenging than ever; enterprises often find themselves letting their data dictate their efforts instead of harnessing it strategically.

Analytics delivers insight through techniques such as:

  • Statistical and Inferential Reasoning
  • Operations Analysis
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Modeling
  • Multivariate and Adaptive Testing
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Solving the Most Wicked Problems

IDI understands the importance of defining clear-cut analytic objectives in the era of Big Data and the IoT. We approach the analytics process collaboratively, helping our customers pinpoint wicked problems and compare solutions. We look past the deluge of information for actionable insight that enables data-driven decisions.

IDI uses a facilitated approach to BA, known as decision conferencing. It attempts to combine the best of both internal and external analytical methodologies by bringing together a group of subject-matter experts and key stakeholders who provide substantive expertise, with external facilitators who offer process prowess. The result is a series of meetings that uncover key issues, break down silos, evaluate alternatives, and introduce implementation mechanisms.

By expertly supporting management, organizational, and business improvement efforts, we enable tactical and strategic alignment with analytics techniques that are tailored to fit each organization’s unique mission.

Are you ready for Big Data to fuel your decision-making?  IDI can help.

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