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The goal of modeling is to improve the processes and systems that determine the quantity and quality of an organization’s work output. Models illuminate relationships between organization purpose (or mission), people, processes, and technologies and the environment in which they exist. These relationships are meant to represent reality – or as close as you can come to it – so that the model can reliably help an organization answer questions about itself and its future operations under varying conditions.

IDI applies many different types of logical, analytical and statistical models. While their approaches may vary considerably, they all have a similar purpose: to answer questions and provide insights without disturbing the reality they try to represent (or waiting for the results to develop over time). We use models to describe systems, resolve uncertainties, develop alternatives, explore decisions, and examine the results from the alternatives and decisions.  

Better models provide better, more timely insights, which inform decisions that yield better organization results.

IDI’s modeling techniques fall into three general categories:

  • Descriptive Modeling – defining a system and describing past events
  • Predictive Modeling – examining system operations in an uncertain future
  • Prescriptive Modeling – identifying decisions/alternatives that yield the best results

Choosing Models – Visualizing Results and Telling a Story

IDI analysts are experts in choosing just the right model to meet an organization’s needs, establishing the methodology and quantitative metrics required to realistically benchmark performance and track improvements. The insights derived from modeling provide invaluable knowledge to stakeholders and decision makers. With an accurate model, enterprises can identify performance measures, possible process enhancements, and probable risks.

We help leaders visualize and understand how their processes or systems work today, illuminating how they can design better ones in the future.  Whether the modeling value comes in the form of improving the customer experience, predicting bottlenecks within a project, or projecting future value (e.g., profits, mission success, risk reduction), every organization can benefit from modeling insights.  Our modeling and analysis provide a foundation for the story-telling that impels organizations to act.

Are you ready to model your enterprise and illuminate a brighter future?  Contact IDI to begin now.

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