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Research & Analyses

In today’s data-abundant workplace, it can be difficult to pinpoint an issue – even if you know that a problem exists. Leaders sense an opportunity is out there or a risk is lingering, but they lack an understanding of the complex factors that help differentiate a  good solution from a bad solution.

To help make sense of all the disparate information, organizations must conduct research and analyses to evaluate opportunities and risks systematically. Leaders require a purposeful, systematic analysis that frames the opportunity/risk, identifies critical internal and external factors influencing success, and illuminates the key decisions and actions that most positively influence the desired outcomes.

IDI’s expertise in research and analytic methods enables IDIers to “design to scope” the process that delivers the insights leaders need, in the timeframe they need it, involving key stakeholders, and concluding with “the story” communicated in a way that promotes understanding, decision-making, and action.

Research and analyses deliver insight through techniques such as:

  • Stakeholder Analysis and Group Facilitation
  • Requirements and Gap Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Operations Analysis
  • Decision Analysis
  • Business Case Analysis

Solving the Most Wicked Problems

At IDI, customers don’t always know exactly what they need – even if they know that a wicked problem exists. Sometimes, we are simply asked to explore and report what we find. We develop customized methodologies and solutions to gain insight, and in the end, we deliver data, models, tools, instructions, briefings, reports, and other results to our clients, explaining what we found and how we found it.  We customer our delivery to the stakeholder audiences we engage: functional experts, project and portfolio managers, analytic reviewers, and executive leaders.

IDI integrates qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques in our socio-technical processes that address conditions ranging from No Data to Big Data, discrete alternatives to portfolios of alternatives, quick-look analyses to peer-review with external model verification and validation. . We consider internal and external organizational factors by bringing together a group of subject-matter experts and key stakeholders who provide substantive expertise, with IDI facilitators who offer process prowess. The result is an analytic process that uncovers key issues, breaks down silos, creates and evaluates alternatives, and introduces implementation mechanisms.

By expertly supporting management, organizational, and business improvement efforts, we enable tactical and strategic alignment with research and analysis efforts customized to achieve maximum impact on an organization’s mission at the time needed.

What keeps you awake at night? Let IDI look into it.

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