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Analytics tools help enterprises gather and contextualize data; observe and understand the past; develop forecasts of the future; and enhance decision making processes. They are designed for a specific purpose (or set of purposes), and therefore must be useful and usable, regardless of their analytic elegance.  They must help users interact with models and data sets.

Most enterprises currently utilize more than one tool to meet their daily analytics requirements, but vendors are now bringing different capabilities together under one package. These all-in-one solutions may be perfect for some organizations, but may not make sense for others.

With so many options (commercial, open-source, locally developed) from which to choose, organizations need to determine what they really need – and the best way to get it.  IDI can help!

 Analytic tools can automate a wide variety of analytic techniques, such as:

  • Descriptive analysis of past events
  • Predictive analysis of future events
  • Prescriptive analysis for decision-making

Generating Actionable Information

IDI helps enterprises develop and implement analytic tools purposefully designed to promote their strategic objectives. We specialize in creating cutting-edge, personalized solutions for our clients, helping them solve a wide variety of mission-specific needs. By listening to key stakeholders and facilitating enterprise-wide collaboration, our expert analysts design, test, and refine decision-enabling tools that generate actionable insights.

Some examples of our tailored solutions include:

  • Army’s Virtual Logistics Assistance Representative (VLAR) – IDI provided analytic training and algorithm development to a team supporting US Army Communications-Electronics Command in developing a maintenance support tool that codified maintenance diagnostics and repair knowledge into a technical aid deployable to remote regions in deployed operating environments.  The analytic effort yield dramatic improvements in system operational availability and reductions in logistics support costs, leading to the Team’s nomination for the prestigious Edelman Award for excellence in analytics.
  • Cyber Risk Tool – It estimates the risk level of a system or network, combining preference theory, graph theory, and Multiple Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) to assign and assess risk. The output of the tool is a set of heat maps that visually demonstrate confidentiality, integrity, and availability measures and risks.
  • Program Objectives Memorandum (POM) Pricing Tool – This solution, provided to Navy Installation Command, improves the accuracy and timeliness of program resource requirements estimates. It also illuminates critical considerations within dynamic operational and budgetary environments, while helping leaders prioritize resource allocation across diverse mission, functional, and geographic domains.
  • Integrated Crisis Early-Warning System – Developed in partnership with Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Laboratory, IDI integrated computational social science models to forecast county instability for 29 countries using a Bayesian Events of Interest (EOI) Aggregator.
  • Intelligent, Non-Player Characters in Virtual Training Environments – We developed automated Bots to use as non-player characters (NPCs) in virtual training scenarios. These Bots utilize Dynamic Decision Networks (DDNs) to integrate NPC inputs and influence decisions within the virtual environment.

At IDI, we don’t try to fit any organization into a predefined box, and we don’t push our clients toward one tool or package. We listen first and then apply our ID-ate analytic innovation process to deliver the best solution available based on budgetary demands and process requirements. IDI-developed tools help organizations alleviate pain points, decrease process bottlenecks, and make better decisions right now – and in the future.

Are your analytics tools illuminating opportunities and driving better results? Let IDI help.

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