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The rapid pace of analytic progress requires analysts and decision makers to stay abreast of the methods and techniques that can enable their individual and organizational success.  A well-designed training class enhances understanding of the underlying theory and jump start efforts on relevant, timely applications. Training must inform, motivate, and equip people to implement what they’ve learned and build on a foundation of understanding and competency.

Enabling Analysts and Decision Makers

At IDI, we believe that training shouldn’t be intimidating, and it should mean more than a checkmark. It is a platform for improving any hard skill one’s job requires — from analytics and mathematics to typing and organization. It can also be used to teach softer skills, like teamwork and communication. At its core, though, training empowers decision-making and taking action, which improves every work process and system.

IDI offers courses in the following disciplines:

  • Group facilitation
  • Decision & Risk Analytics
  • Introduction to Bayesian Networks Using Netica
  • Multi-Objective Decision Analysis (MODA)
  • Value-Focused Thinking Using MODA
  • Foundations in Systems Engineering
  • Lessons Learned via Case Studies in Systems Engineering
  • Value of Systems Engineering

Our training classes cover a broad spectrum from hard analytics skills to softer leadership and management skills. In addition to the professional training courses listed above, IDI also creates customized training packages to meet specific client needs. These include high-level support for engineering systems, group facilitation, and coaching services.


IDIers are experts at helping project teams, task forces, executive boards, and other groups achieve their objectives by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their group processes. We specialize in using a systematic and flexible group facilitation technique known as decision conferencing. Using this technique, IDI decision analysts have facilitated hundreds of meetings, conferences, and off-site gatherings in support of strategic planning, resource allocation, evaluation of alternatives, risk assessments, and other critical tasks for many national security organizations. The facilitated decision conference process builds a common purpose within the group and a shared understanding of the problem, and it leads to informed choices and commitment to action.


IDIers routinely provide coaching to their analytically-inclined clients as part of every project we work. In addition, we have transitioned our approach to modeling and simulation to a federal agency and routinely receive small contracts to mentor and provide more sophisticated training to them. Similarly, we have transitioned the development of Bayesian networks to another national security organization and work with them on training and quality review.

Are you ready to jump start your employees and their analytic initiatives? Let IDI change the way your organization views training.

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