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People are accountable for organizational performance. From government agencies looking to minimize costs to commercial entities seeking to develop new capabilities, every organization has a decision maker or decision-making body that drives performance.  Performance requires making decisions and communicating them in a compelling way to motivate others in the organization to take action.

IDI supports action takers and their organizations, giving them the frameworks, tools, and knowledge they need to realize the value they can deliver. We combine cutting-edge analytics with expert management consulting services to illuminate problems and opportunities, clarify solutions, promote better decisions, and therefore, better results.

We support:

  • Executive Leadership – Decisions are more critical than ever in today’s fast-paced, technologically-advanced business environment. Learn More
  • Portfolio & Program Managers – Tasked to compare apples and oranges constantly, portfolio and program managers have one of the most complicated jobs within the Project Management Office (PMO): resource optimization. Learn More
  • Project Managers – Project managers are driven by cost, schedule, and performance considerations.  Analytics can help. Learn More
  • Functional ExpertsWhen someone spends years and years becoming the expert on a particular topic, it becomes part of who he or she is. Learn More

Innovative Analytics: Better Decisions, Better Results

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