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Project Managers

While portfolio and program managers focus on the bigger picture within the Project Management Office (PMO), project managers must direct their efforts on more focused responsibilities. They are the task managers on the ground, keeping projects running smoothly amidst customer demands and resource shortages. It’s a constant struggle to keep projects on time and on budget, but they strive to do it on a daily basis.

In today’s marketplace, projects can vary significantly within one PMO. Scarce resources may be hard to secure – especially in organizations where the squeakiest wheel wins. To get attention, project managers need to present information to upper management in compelling ways. This data must be pertinent and impactful, and it must make the manager’s case for funding, people, equipment, and more.

Tactical Analysis and Reporting

IDI knows that every project manager must compete for resources. We utilize proven analytic methodologies and decades of Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) experience to support our project management clients in meeting their objectives. By turning metrics into actionable, valuable information, project managers can streamline processes and show upper management how they can add value to their organizations.

Our tactical assistance can be tailored to meet the needs of any project. From analyses and modeling to optimization and design, the IDI team can help. Project managers can benefit from IDI services such as:

  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Decision Process Design
  • Tradeoff Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • System Modeling & Simulation
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring

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