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About Us

A Company on a Mission

Our innovative analytics drive organizations to better results. Through innovative decision and risk analysis, operations research, data science, and systems engineering solutions, we uncover paths to success for our clients — paths that demand action.  Our iterative ID-ate innovation process helps clients illuminate problems and issues, ideate solutions, create models and prototypes, and evaluate results while continuously driving towards value-enhancing results.  

At the end of the day, we make heroes of our clients.

Our History

IDI is a small, veteran-owned business registered as an S-corporation in the State of Virginia. We were founded in 1997 with the sole purpose of providing world-class decision support to decision-makers in government and business.

IDIers have facilitated more than two thousand decision conferences and are experienced in a wide variety of decision support tools and groupware. Our analysts have established, staffed, and provided technology transfer for decision-support centers all over the United States.

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds; we support organizations that focus on everything from national security and law enforcement to commercial endeavors. We provide every client with a competitive decision advantage that no one else can match.

IDI staff members have been recognized many times for their work, including:

  • Nominations for prestigious Edelman Prize for Analytics (INFORMS)
  • 3 Rist Prizes from the Military Operations Research Society (MORS)
  • 6 Best Decision Analysis Working Group Paper Awards from MORS
  • Runner-up for the Annual Best Decision Analysis Application Prize (from INFORMS)
  • Technical fellows  from INFORMS, MORS, NSA and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)

Preaching What We Practice

IDIers have published several books on decision analysis and systems engineering and scores of articles in analytics journals. See a comprehensive list of our publications here.

Our team leads the advances in risk analysis, operations research, and systems engineering disciplines to stretch the limits of current technology and imagination, always pushing for improvements in our clients’ results. We strive for simple solutions to complex problems — doing the research, developing and applying models and analytic techniques to help clients see and do things they couldn’t see or do without our help.

Innovative Analytics: Better Decisions, Better Results

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