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Leadership Team

Robert M. Liebe

Senior Vice President

Mr. Liebe has over twenty-seven years of experience in military service, operation analysis, and consulting. His leadership and proficiency in variety of analytic techniques have motivated operational and strategic improvement. With a focus on client engagement and measurable performance, he has guided operational planning, system maintenance, and risk management efforts in military, financial, and government sectors. Past projects featured survey design and analysis; discrete event simulation; linear and mixed integer optimization; multi-objective decision analysis; and quantitative risk analysis. He has applied these techniques to ship design; process re-engineering; training schedule optimization; security risk analysis; financial risk analysis; and decision-making in systems engineering processes. His more recent efforts have. focused on guiding adoption of analytic methods and optimizing allocation of resources over a multi-year horizon to protect personnel and mission assets aboard military installations. He is active in analytic professional groups, business case study competitions, and various groups in his local community.

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Russell B. Mosier

Vice President

Mr. Mosier has twenty years of experience as a Decision Analyst. Mr. Mosier has applied decision analysis techniques in Portfolio Analysis, Portfolio Management, Analysis of Alternatives, Business Case Analyses, Trade Studies, Strategic Planning, and Resource Allocation studies for Joint and Service programs of all ACAT levels. His analyst toolkit includes Multiple Objective Decision Analysis techniques, operations research, rapid prototyping, combat modeling, and spreadsheet cost modeling, among other techniques for delivering insights to his clients and executive decision makers.

Mr. Mosier is an experienced facilitator and lead analyst as well as experienced in both domestic and international consulting. He has led projects ranging from resource allocation for the Department of Energy Spent Nuclear Fuel Program to the development of a Strategic Roadmap for the Egyptian Navy. Mr. Mosier is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) as well as Black Belt certified in both Lean Six Sigma and QFD.

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Dennis M. Buede

Vice President

Dr. Buede has over twenty-five years of experience in both the theoretical development and engineering application of decision support technologies. This experience has addressed military and business decision problems, as well as multisensor data fusion technology. These applications have fallen in the areas of resource allocation, R&D priorities, mission area analysis (or strategic planning), requirements definition, system design, system acquisition, and system development. Dr. Buede has managed projects funded by the National Science Foundation, Army Research Institute, numerous Army and Navy development commands, and elements of the Intelligence Community. He has won several best paper awards. He is a Fellow of the International Council on Systems Engineering, 2001.

Dr. Buede was a manager of decision analysis at Decisions and Designs, Inc. and had his own consulting company for over fifteen years. He taught systems engineering and decision analysis at George Mason University for over ten years where he was also Associate Director of C3I Center. He was instrumental in starting the M.S. and Ph.D. programs in systems engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology between 2001 and 2003. He was one of the founders of IDI.

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Kellie Gallahan

Director of Business Operations

Ms. Gallahan has over 30 years of experience administering a wide range of business management and advisory services, including but not limited to, Human Resources, Office Management, Security and Finance. Her finance background allows her to work with all types of Commercial and Government Contracts such as FFP, CPFF, CPAF, T&M, IDIQs, and client Billing Systems, while her other services allow her to interact with personnel and clientele at all levels.

Ms. Gallahan is IDI’s primary point of contact for:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance – Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll
  • Billing Systems
  • Office Management


AA Business Administration Montgomery College, Rockville, MD, 1990

Alicia Bridges

Business Area Manager

Ms. Bridges has over nine years of experience as an instructor, cost analyst and operations research analyst. Her expertise is in developing mathematical models to support strategic planning and Milestone decisions for several DoD stakeholders/customers. Ms. Bridges has demonstrated expertise in the design and development of user-friendly cost and decision models. Her focus is on building spreadsheet models with the use of specialized modeling techniques, including Monte Carlo simulations to support risk analysis, as well as traditional ranking methods to support design trade analyses. Ms. Bridges takes special interest in using decision analysis and optimization techniques to provide resource allocation solutions for customers, relying on her experience in cost estimating, risk analysis, cost/benefit analysis and schedule analysis. She has led teams of analysts in providing decision support on competing alternatives for the development of an automated reporting tool for the intelligence community. Ms. Bridges has also presented the results of her analyses to several members of Senior Leadership across the DoD and Intelligence communities. Some of her past work includes supporting trade studies for the Mission-Oriented Risk & Design Analysis (MORDA) of mission assurance activities and supporting modeling efforts to assess adversary behavior.

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Darrin Whaley

Business Area Manager

Mr. Whaley has 29 years of experience as an operations research analyst and Marine Corps artillery officer. As an analyst, Mr. Whaley has applied a wide array of analytical techniques to a diverse set of challenges. He has applied optimization techniques to military recruiting, training, manpower, equipment fielding, shipboard voyage planning, transportation networks, and tactical power generation networks. Mr. Whaley has applied Bayesian network modeling to estimate electro-optical satellite accomplishment of imagery collection needs. He has applied combat modeling to Analysis of Alternatives for equipment procurement. Mr. Whaley has applied multi-objective decision analysis to theater security cooperation, alternative combat system benefit comparison, procurement quantity benefit comparison, Analysis of Alternatives for ground and satellite equipment procurement, ranking intelligence priorities, and logistics process comparison. He utilized statistical modeling and data analysis to develop combat system requirements, compare armored protection provided by fielded combat vehicles, and develop energy consumption models for Navy ships. Mr. Whaley has applied physics-based modeling to associate fuel consumption with shipboard components to enable cost-benefit analysis among prospective energy savings alternatives. He developed a suite of data collection and processing tools to guide energy data collection activities and analyze results. Mr. Whaley has applied cost modeling to estimate costs associated with the Navy Fire & Emergency Services program, manpower, personnel equipping and training, software development, and transportation of equipment items. He has developed service-level cross-domain metrics to guide the management of a military service branch. As an artillery officer, Mr. Whaley served as a battery commander and in a variety of other positions in artillery battalions and in an Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company. His operational experience includes combat duty in Operations DESERT STORM, ENDURING FREEDOM, and IRAQI FREEDOM.

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Scott Willette

Director, Program and Resource Analysis

Dr. Willette has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in military decision making, cost analysis, operations research, model development, and project management. He is a retired Marine Officer with over 15 years of analytical experience in uniform, as a civil servant, and as a contractor. He spent that time conducting analyses in support of requirements and acquisition decisions for over 80 programs for the Marine Corps and Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense. Dr. Willette is the Military Operations Research Society’s (MORS) Cost Analysis working group chair, Decision Analysis working group advisor, and is developing a MORS Decision Analysis community of practice.

Dr. Willette retired from the Marine Corps as a Major after 21 years of service. He held positions as an acquisitions management professional, cost analyst, and aviation command and control officer. As an enlisted Marine, Dr. Willette served tours as a radar repairman, Marine Security Guard, and machine gunner. Since retiring, he has served as the senior operations research analyst/cost analyst for a major Marine Corps acquisition program as a government civil servant, and in various cost and operations research billets in the private sector.

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Fred Woodaman

Director, Analytics Optimization

A retired Marine infantry officer with multiple technical degrees, Dr. Woodaman combines operational acumen, decisive leadership, comprehensive analytical expertise, and innovative problem-solving. His technical strengths include statistics and data analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Discrete Event simulation, mathematical programming, dynamic programming, decision analysis, stochastic modeling, survey methods, cost estimation, cost-benefit analysis. He has brought these strengths to bear in application domains such as epidemiology, suicide prevention and mental health, energy conservation and modeling, fire and emergency services, counter-IED, operational logistics, campaign analysis, research and development investment, and defense systems acquisition. Clients include Navy and Marine Corps Systems Commands, Commander Naval Installation Command, Defense Human Resource Activity, OPNAV staff, and Headquarters Marine Corps. Analytical software employed includes Extend Sim, Arena, SPSS, R, Matlab, Netica, Gurobi, MPL, GAMS, AMPL, Crystal Ball, Frontier Solver Suite, MS Access & Excel with VBA. He is adjunct professor of Systems Engineering/Operations Research at George Mason University, teaching introductory graduate classes in operations research. Lastly, he has native proficiency in Spanish speaking and writing and basic fluency in Italian.

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F. Freeman Marvin

Executive Principal Analyst

Mr. Marvin has over twenty-five years experience as a group facilitator and decision analyst. His expertise is in the integration and application of organizational development, operations research, and electronic collaboration technologies. His approach to helping groups solve problems and make decisions blends his group facilitation skills, his knowledge of decision analysis methods, and his experience using computer tools and groupware in small group settings. Mr. Marvin works with project teams, task forces, executive boards, and other working groups to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their decision-making processes. He has facilitated numerous decision conferences and electronic meetings using GroupSystems groupware, developed decision models using a variety of software tools, and taught courses on group decision support for traditional facilitators, managers, and analysts. He most often supports groups that want to develop strategic plans, assess and manage risk, choose among options, allocate resources, or improve performance.

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Joseph A. Tatman

Executive Principal Analyst

Dr. Tatman has more than twenty-six years experience in the application, research and teaching of decision and risk analysis. He specializes in Bayesian networks in a broad array of applications including the analysis of complex political-economic-military problems, reliability analysis of complex systems, analysis of risk in system development, and development of interactive, online web analysis tools. He led the risk analysis and mitigation effort for a major government software system. He developed a comprehensive model for analysis of acquisition risk which was implemented in a multi-agency web application. Dr. Tatman led the user utility assessment of a prototype space sensor system, using an innovative structured process based on multi-attribute utility theory. He is one of the founders of Innovative Decisions, Inc.

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